So this week is all about communicating thru pictures, since symbols or anything, firstly I looked at what these words actually mean: in order to make myself more clear about it.

Sign: the smallest unit of meaning. Anything that can be used to communicate. Semiotics: the study of signs and symbols and their use or interpretation.

I think in 21st-century people don’t even know that they live their lives looking at images and signs all the time, and how they actually take different forms in everyday routine. because when I say semiotics the only thing that comes to my head is Egypt and the old writing on the walls with little pictures, through different cultures semiotics and communication have changed drastically. Also when I say sign it could be anything, a street name, a bliss that u feel in ur stomach , two people standing and talking in in sign language, it could be anything.

Let’s say your mom asked you to go to the store and get milk, bread, and some vegetables, and what do you see in your head, of course, an image of these items don’t you?

However, we are very influenced by them every day also the signs don’t have to be the signs because almost everything to this day is a sign and a symbol, every moment you go anywhere or you do something any clothes you were you create an image or any form of it by just expressing yourself. It is very important I think at least to understand that media in 2016 can super over influence your head with all the images that you see on TV and you will starve to death or change the world.

Be wise.


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